Latest from the desk…

It’s been quiet on the blog lately, which can only mean one thing: I’ve been editing.

You’ll have seen my previous blogs on editing so I won’t dwell on the process again. Suffice to say that I have a slightly mechanistic approach (or perhaps ritualistic) which works really well (for me) compared to the quite loose and organic way in which I write my drafts. Process brings a scrutiny and a rational engagement with words that were often written by emotion. It’s easier to kill your darlings when you’re pretending to be a psychopath…

The manuscript that I have been editing is notionally known as Novel Number 2. Poor old Novel Number 1 went out into the world to try and find a publisher but is still looking for love. Rather than accompany Number 1 in its loneliness, I wrote Number 2 (spoiler: it’s better). The best way of being a writer, after all, is just to write.

I’m learning my own lesson again this time. After a brief hiatus, I’m now in planning mode for Novels Number 3 and 4 – the one I was intending to write and the one that has crept into my brain and is shouting at me to pay it some attention. One involves things like research and historical detail; the other is contemporary and characterful. Neither is easy. I’m letting them both brew at the moment, not rushing the decision between the, but enjoying the counterpoint between two very different periods and subjects.

Expect the customary blitz during the winter months as I become more productive during the long cold hours of darkness (I have the opposite of seasonal affective disorder, perhaps seasonal productivity disorder?). I’ll try to keep you posted as I go along – and I’ll be sure to let you know how Number 2 is getting along as soon as I can.

Oh, and watch out for some comics news in the coming months. Another Disconnected Press publication and, hopefully, some progress on other projects. Plates spinning all around!


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