Tea and Comics

Back from Cardiff Comic Expo with a huge pile of new comics, the remnants of a hangover and a day off work to deal with both. My recovery started with a nice cup of tea and a reading of a new anthology: Into the Woods. It's a collection of fairy tales, reworked and retold by... Continue Reading →


Flashy Friday

So a quiet Friday of writing was interrupted by Writers and Artists Yearbook, with a flash competition on Twitter. The challenge: tweet a story including the word "mime". My entry: In a quiet town, a mime gave a mute invisible roses. At their wedding, they kissed to silent applause. Just got the tweet through to... Continue Reading →


A quick follow up on recent competitiveness: looks like both my submissions to Paragraph Planet were accepted. The first one - Undercover - was published on 27 January. If you follow this link, and look in the archive drop-down for that date, you can have a read.

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