Tea and Comics

Back from Cardiff Comic Expo with a huge pile of new comics, the remnants of a hangover and a day off work to deal with both. My recovery started with a nice cup of tea and a reading of a new anthology: Into the Woods. It's a collection of fairy tales, reworked and retold by... Continue Reading →


Sensible Saturday – A Conference on How to Get Published

Spent the day at the Writers and Artists "How to Get Published" conference learning, um, how to get published. I've boiled it down and boiled it down and finally have something approaching jam. So here are my Ten Commandments of getting published: 1. Thou shalt follow the submission guidelines - just do what they say... Continue Reading →

Flashy Friday

So a quiet Friday of writing was interrupted by Writers and Artists Yearbook, with a flash competition on Twitter. The challenge: tweet a story including the word "mime". My entry: In a quiet town, a mime gave a mute invisible roses. At their wedding, they kissed to silent applause. Just got the tweet through to... Continue Reading →


A quick follow up on recent competitiveness: looks like both my submissions to Paragraph Planet were accepted. The first one - Undercover - was published on 27 January. If you follow this link, and look in the archive drop-down for that date, you can have a read.

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