I wrote my first novel when I was 15. It was called When The Curtain Falls, and I was grown up enough to have a pseudonym (Alexandra Peyton) and to ask my friend Charlotte to draw a cover for it. I sent it to one publisher and got a very polite rejection letter in return.

I wrote my second novel when I was 24 or 25. Novel is probably an overstatement. Selection of slightly related scenes leading to a complete lack of conclusion. The protagonist had a series of imaginary friends who were historical characters. Some great witty dialogue between Joan of Arc and Katharine of Aragon, but the police procedural plotline really didn’t seem to fit.

I think I might be getting somewhere now though.

More recent works have found their way into the hands of some major publishers, who have provided very positive feedback. I’m sticking with the “traditional” publishing approach at this stage, rather than self-publishing a novel, in large part because all this writing doesn’t allow much time for promoting a self-published book (and that is more than half the battle).

If you really can’t wait to find out more, email me for sneaky previews…


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