A new short story: Love Letters

I've had some great enthusiastic comments and support recently from Nic Wilkinson. For those who don't know her, she's a letterer in the world of comics and also one of the editorial team for indie publisher Markosia. The reason I mention Nic is that she asked when there would be more stories to read on... Continue Reading →


My second prizegiving!

Last Saturday, the Arnolfini hosted the prizegiving for this year's Bristol Short Story Prize. I was honoured, flattered, surprised and dancing like a little girl when I heard that my story The Swimmer had made it into the Top 20 and therefore into this year's Bristol Prize anthology. Anything else was a bonus: fortunately that... Continue Reading →

My first prizegiving!

Delighted to go to the Frome Short Story Competition prizegiving last Sunday. My story - The King's Bed - not only made it onto the National Longlist (out of 450 entrants) but was also chosen as second place in the local authors' category. I got some great feedback from author and judge Maria McCann, plus... Continue Reading →

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