It's been a busy few months - promoting the books which launched before Christmas and also working through edits to a new novel. I thought I'd share a very short snippet with you here. Our setting: Finland. Grandpa Heikkila used to wrap us in furs and sit with us on the deck of the cottage,... Continue Reading →


Conscious uncoupling, cubic zirconia and going to the pub: more thoughts about editing

In the past month, I have read the same book seven times. I have read it from beginning to end, from side to side, upside down and inside out. I have read it on my computer screen, I have read it on a Kindle. As I go to sleep at night, I know I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

Notes from the desk

Time for an update on my current busy-ness. Let's start with comics: My story The Fishers Also Shall Mourn has been accepted for Into the Woods 2, the second anthology of fairy tales edited by Stacey Whittle. I loved the first volume - a mix of reworkings of classic fairy tales and new stories in... Continue Reading →

Lonely This Christmas?

Here's a little Christmas tale, just for you. Yes, you. Really it's yours.... Lonely This Christmas Three small creatures, dressed in green and red, stood on tiptoes, resting their fingers and their chins on a frosty windowsill, their faces just high enough to peer in through the window. Their grip was precarious: every so often,... Continue Reading →

On the button

Here's a Christmas greeting of sorts... Written by yours truly and drawn by Conor Boyle, it was our contribution to the mirth and mayhem that is the 2000AD Forum Advent Calendar. For those who don't know the character, here's a link. I have a Christmas story in the works for you too; I promise it'll... Continue Reading →

Back in the room

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been virtually two months since my last blog posting and I'm guessing that patience is wearing thin. I'll try and make up for it with a whistle stop tour of two months' worth of madness: First up, I had a birthday. A significant one. One with a... Continue Reading →

My second prizegiving!

Last Saturday, the Arnolfini hosted the prizegiving for this year's Bristol Short Story Prize. I was honoured, flattered, surprised and dancing like a little girl when I heard that my story The Swimmer had made it into the Top 20 and therefore into this year's Bristol Prize anthology. Anything else was a bonus: fortunately that... Continue Reading →

My first prizegiving!

Delighted to go to the Frome Short Story Competition prizegiving last Sunday. My story - The King's Bed - not only made it onto the National Longlist (out of 450 entrants) but was also chosen as second place in the local authors' category. I got some great feedback from author and judge Maria McCann, plus... Continue Reading →

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