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Only when the clock stops does time come to life

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have heard my enthusiasm for the fair town of Middlesbrough earlier this week. It was my first time there; the sun was out; the people were friendly; and I tracked down two of life’s essentials: a comics shop and a Gregg’s (pasty-gate permitting).

The other thing I tracked down was MIMA – the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art – a great glass cube in the heart of town with a quirky and eclectic mix of art, sculpture and video installations.

One installation had me completely hooked. John Gerrard‘s video installation shows a Cuban school from the 1960s, now derelict and skeletal. You, the viewer, slowly orbit the school at ground level, one orbit equals one day. Nothing really happens.

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Crossover Mash-Up Hybrid Superhero Project

Here it is: the crossover mash-up hybrid superhero project you’ve all been waiting for. A confluence of stuff means that today, 1 March 2012, is World Book Day, St David’s Day and Creator Owned Day (inspired by comic book artist Stephen Downey). In honour of all of these, I’d like you to meet three brand new members of the superhero pantheon:

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