Beetle: a short story

A short story for you all (an edit of a piece from a couple of years back). Click below for a PDF or read on for a taster... Beetle by Lizzie Boyle - June 2017 Beetle We called her Beetle, this girl at school, small and round and curious, always fidgeting around looking for things... Continue Reading →


In The Grey

This was something to get me going yesterday evening. I needed atmosphere for another project and was struggling to describe it. Once I had a feeling of a place, some people popped up. See below! Grey mist settles like dust. Thick, like you could put your hand in it and leave a mark, an absence.... Continue Reading →

A new short story, just for you…

Two blogs in 24 hours: I'm spoiling you! After lamenting my lack of short story productivity in recent weeks, I asked Twitter to suggest a one-word theme for a story. Thanks to Kerrin Shaw, I have spent all of today thinking of the word "tremulous". (No, really, thanks, Kerrin.) Below: the story (which doesn't have... Continue Reading →

All the latest news and views!

What news of the novel, you cry? After all that editing (and all those moany blogs about the process), it feels like the novel is very nearly in a finished state. Soon, it'll be time for it to leave home, head off into the world, phone up occasionally for a bit of money to pay... Continue Reading →

Missing Elvis

It was pointed out to me today that I haven't updated my blog in a while. The last few posts have been "novels and comics" updates, so it's probably time to share another story with you. This one's called Missing Elvis. And it goes a little something like this.... Missing Elvis Rosemary missed Elvis. She... Continue Reading →

Flash, times three

Time passes, and my Elephant Words deadlines get sooner each week. I thought I'd post links to my efforts thus far, so you can have a peruse at your leisure.The idea of Elephant Words is simple: each week, an image is posted. Writers then take it in turns to respond, with a story, a reflection,... Continue Reading →

A big elephant and a little bird

Thank to the lovely Nick Papaconstantinou, I am taking part in Elephant Words, an online writing challenge. Each week, a writer posts an image on the Elephant Words site. Other writers then respond to it, through stories, recollections, poems, comics, whatever takes their fancy. This was my first week, and I had the luxury of... Continue Reading →

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