For every hour I spend writing prose fiction, I spend another hour writing comics.

Who Is Luis Aguado? Latest off the presses is the story of an aging Mexican fisherman who rescues others from drowning by – it seems – walking on water. The comic poses the question: how would you react if you saw grainy footage on the news or social media? Would you cry “hoax” or praise it as a miracle? Would you think he was an alien or a superhero? And while you were coming to your conclusion, what effect do you think the revelation would have on the fisherman and his family? Read more by ordering your copy at

My first graphic novel The Heart Which Makes Us was published in 2015 and focuses on forensic investigator Kathryn Monroe as she grapples with child abduction, a series of bombings, a new boss and a marriage hitting the rocks. The Heart Which Makes Us features stunning artwork by Aaron Moran, and was published as part of the Unseen Shadows universe. You can find out more and read an extract at

2015 also saw the release of Secret Gardens. This choose-your-own-adventure / comic hybrid made a splash at conventions mainly among people saying “that looks SO complicated”. (It was.) Four stories all woven together, featuring witches, wizards, ghosts, squirrels, fearsome armies and incredibly cute mice, all set in the grounds of the majestically ruined Lowther Castle near Penrith. What’s not to like? Find out more at

At the start of 2012, I set up Disconnected Press, an independent comics publisher. We have produced three “Disconnected” anthologies so far, featuring work by some of the best emerging comics talent in the UK and telling stories of the weird and wondrous things that happen in small towns. We also published CROSS, an anthology of political satire, putting the politics back into comics in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Working with artist Conor Boyle (yes, relation), I produced the four-part, wild and wacky horror Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, described by Down The Tubes as “a cracking comic… with a darn fine script and fantastic art”.

On a more serious and sentimental note, Do Aliens Play Basketball?, created with artist Vashti Hallissey, follows a young boy who writes to NASA asking his one big question about space.

Lost: Boys brings together four of my stories with different artists, exploring what happens when you find that the world is bigger and stranger than you imagined. In its review, Comics Anonymous said that Lost:Boys “raised the bar for modern anthologies”.

How To Kill Bears again combines my writing with the work of different comic artists, with four stories looking at the decisions people make and how you don’t always get what you plan for.

You can also find my short comics work in Something Wicked Issue #8 (FutureQuake Press), Dead Roots, Zarjaz #21 and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.



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