I’m Lizzie Boyle, your host for your stay. Welcome!

Let me tell you a little about myself:

First and foremost, I write things. Stories, comics, flash fiction, great unfinished world-changing novels: that sort of thing. On this site, you’ll find examples of my work; look along the top navigation for the types of writing which interest you. The stories will change from time to time, so keep coming back. If you like something, let me know. And if you think I could have done something better, tell me!

So far, my stories have featured in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology (Vol 5), been awarded in the Frome Short Story Competition, and been shortlisted for the Fish Publishing International Short Story Contest and the Flash500 flash fiction competition.

I’ve taken some time away from short fiction in the past couple of years to concentrate on two novels, which will hopefully find their way out into the published world soon.

Secondly, I like comics. You’ll see some reviews, some pics, some examples of things that I have written (I rely on others for the art). I’m also one of the founders of Disconnected Press, an independent comics publisher which has produced 13 books in its first 5 years of existence. Our aim is to produce beautiful and unusual comics that people will want to treasure. We also want to showcase emerging comics talent and to bring new names and faces to the attention of publishers, fans and new readers alike.

Last but not least: some other things that might be of interest. I like black and white movies, indie music of the late 80s and early 90s, cheese, ski jumping, the Tudors, Gene Kelly, fine dining, frosty days, books, books, books, cover versions, American football, a nice glass of wine, penguins, board games, Minis, festivals, pub quizzes, James Bond and early 70s rock.

I don’t like peas, meanness, being interrupted or running.

Feel free to get in touch about any of the above, and to follow me on Twitter: @lizzieboylesays


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