Here’s a selection of short stories: I’ll change them around from time to time so you can see what’s new.

Usually, new stories find themselves entered into competitions (meaning they can’t be published anywhere else, even on a humble blog like this one). This means that there’s a bit of a time lag between stories being written and them appearing on here.

Here’s a story called The King’s Bed, in which a homeless man decides to sleep in a furniture store overnight.

And this is The Swimmer, which featured in the Bristol Short Story Prize shortlist and anthology.

Then we have The Music Box, which is a couple of years old now but which I still hold dear. In this story, an old woman receives an unexpected parcel from her dead sister….. Read it here: The Music Box.

Finally a long story called Homecoming. For my day job, I run environmental projects – research, community engagement, training – and I wanted to write something around an environmental theme. So much of the thinking around climate change is catastrophic (“the end of the world is nigh”) that I ended up in slight absurdist mode, imagining the very personal scenes that would emerge in a time of global and local change. Have a read here: Homecoming.

If you’d like to read more – or to give feedback (always welcome) – get in touch via

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