Want to read some comics?

Remember Bristol Comic Expo? Seems like months ago already, back when the temperature was barely average for the time of year.... Anyhoo, I bought some comics while I was there, so here are a few thoughts and notions: Butterfly Gate (Improper Books) - I had the chance to meet the Improper team during the day... Continue Reading →


Tales from the Ramada Bar: behind the scenes at Bristol Comic Expo

There will, believe it or not, be some visitors to this blog who have never attended a Comic Expo. In fact, there will be people for whom the concept of a Comic Expo shrieks of sweat-stained hobbits in Iron Maiden t-shirts and unfortunately-tight jeans talking earnestly about whether this reboot of Reboot Man is better... Continue Reading →

PLUG! Two new comics out this weekend!

I am a woman of many hats. Writer, environmental consultant, avid watcher of James Bond films, lover of cheese, wife.... And also - as of this Saturday - publisher of comics. Disconnected Press is the name of the venture, and we're launching two small anthologies at the Bristol Comic Expo this weekend. Disconnected Vol 1... Continue Reading →

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