Why do books suddenly appear…?

Reading back on this blog, I find that titles of books and anthologies appear – full of promise. They linger – flirting for a while. And then they disappear, like a boyfriend who simply won’t return your calls. [Younger readers, insert appropriate social media metaphor.]

And then, after a while, in a strange coming together of circumstances, all your ex-boyfriends turn up at once.

OK. Metaphor stretched a little too far… Let’s get to the NEWS!

This weekend marks ThoughtBubble, the UK’s biggest independent comics festival. Held in Leeds over the course of a week, ThoughtBubble culminates in a two-day convention where you can pick up a comic in almost any style, on almost any subject and really get under the skin of a blossoming UK creative industry.

I am DELIGHTED that the following will be happening this weekend:

thwmu_cover_newThe Heart Which Makes Us will launch. This is a 100 page graphic novel, written by yours truly, illustrated by Aaron Moran, lettered by Paul Mclaren and edited (and inspired) by Barry Nugent.

The book follows Kathryn Monroe, a brilliant crime scene analyst, fresh into her job as an investigator and longing for her first big case.

Find out more at http://unseenshadows.com/comics/the-heart-which-makes-us/ – including a link to the Unseen Shadows Comicsy store if you’d like to order a copy online.

Secret GardensSecret Gardens will be on sale. OK, so technically this is last month’s news, but I haven’t told you yet! Secret Gardens is an illustrated choose-your-own-adventure book, for all ages, which I launched last month with artist Conor Boyle.

Set in the landscape of Lowther Castle in the Lake District, Secret Gardens contains four choose-your-own-adventure stories featuring ghosts, wizards, witches and some very organised squirrels…

You can order a copy of Secret Gardens from http://www.comicsy.co.uk/disconnectedpress/store/products/secret-gardens/ for just £5 plus P&P. You can also buy Secret Gardens from the gift shop at Lowther Castle!

What else?

Ah yes, the Pigs. This weekend, we launch Issues 3 and 4 of our horror comedy madcap apocalypse comic Sentient Zombie Space Pigs. If you haven’t followed the story so far, where have you been? Alien lands on farm. Farmer shoots alien. Pigs eat alien. Things go wrong. And that’s all before page 5 of Issue 1…

SZSP Teaser 2Sentient Zombie Space Pigs is an affectionate tribute to all things zombie, and is an awful lot of fun to write. You can buy the complete story – The Whole Hog – at http://www.comicsy.co.uk/disconnectedpress/store/products/sentient-zombie-space-pigs-the-whole-hog/ for just £4 plus P&P. Yes, honestly, the issues are £1 each. Because comics are for everyone (perhaps with a little parental guidance….).

The GrimeSpeaking of parental guidance, the other Lizzie Boyle story that comes out this weekend is called Free Go and it features in a new anthology called The Grime. Edited by James McCulloch, The Grime is twisted, nasty, horrific and dark. And don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Free Go features a teenager in 1950s Brighton who thinks the fortune telling machine is just a waste of time. Artwork is by the brilliant Bekah Withers, who I last worked with on How To Kill Bears just as she was starting her degree (she’s just graduated. I feel old.).

It’s great that so many projects have finally found their way onto pieces of paper. It also means that the next wave of projects can get the love and attention they deserve!

Do get in touch if you have any questions about writing for comics, editing or publishing, or if you just want to natter. I’m on Twitter as @lizzieboylesays and always happy to help!




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