Ghosts, goblins, tanks and flick knives

A quick update from the Land of Lizzie, as it’s been a while. I’m currently in full-on writer mode, having taken some time off from the Day Job, so I’m showing up at the desk every day and these, you know, “words” keep coming out.

I’ve been writing on many and varied subjects, including – but not limited to – those listed in the title of this blog. I’ve also blown up some rabbits, travelled through time, taken on the Russian Army, saved the world and had an encounter with a very creepy puppet.

Suffice to say, I’m having a good time!

Things to look out for:

The Heart Which Makes Us – a graphic novel about a forensic psychologist – should be out later this year. The artwork has been completed by the wonderful Aaron Moran, so we’re now at lettering stage, and then it’s over to publisher Barry Nugent to decide when and how to launch. His Unseen Shadows universe is full of great stories if you like action, thrillers and a little bit of the supernatural thrown in (and who doesn’t?).

Sentient Zombie Space Pigs 3 and 4 – yes, it seems my abiding legacy may be a throwaway tale about a farm-based apocalypse, but I’m getting used to it. I also like to imagine the intro they give when I win the Booker, but that’s another story. Sentient Zombie Space Pigs 3 and 4 are “with the artist” – some chap called Conor Boyle – and we’re hopeful that at least one will be ready for your perusal later this year. If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2, never fear – you can order them for just £1 each from our Comicsy shop or get them from Disconnected Press at Comic Conventions during the year.

The creepy puppet – features in my contribution to a new horror anthology from writer James McCulloch, who is the nicest guy ever to terrify you on a dark night. More on that as it happens; I think there are plans for a Kickstarter so I shall tweet vigorously at the appropriate time.

– On the prose front: novel #2 is coming along, and should be two thirds drafted by the end of this month. Novel #1 has kind of ground to a halt on its quest to find a mainstream publisher, though I have had some incredibly positive feedback. Currently debating its future…

– Oh, and there’s another super-secret project, but I can’t tell you about that. Nope, not even you.

Things I’ve learned over the last wee while:

– Writing more means you write more

– It’s hard to write horror on a sunny day

– Massive sheets of paper covered in scribbles are your friends

– I highly recommend Sibelius, Paganini and Vaughan Williams as good listening while you type. And when you want to be distracted.

More soon!


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