Elephants, shadows and nervous Sundays

As promised, I’m writing on Elephant Words over the next six weeks, so thought I’d use a blog to tell you a bit about it and also to link to my first contribution.

Elephant Words brings together a group of writers. Each Sunday, one of us posts a picture which is then used as a prompt by the other writers for a piece of short fiction. Rather than leave it to creative chaos, there’s a schedule, so you’re forced to write on a different day each week. If you’re Friday in Week 1, you’ll gradually move forward in the week – and so have less and less time to think about your tale each week….


Here’s the image that was posted last Sunday. You can read my response at:


What do you think? What would you have written? What does this image bring to you?

If you find the wee calendar on the Elephant Words website, and click different dates from last week, you’ll see the responses of other writers.

There’s a new image going up today, and I’m the Monday writer this week, so the nerves are already jangling…. Come on, muse, don’t let me down!


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