Flash, times three

Time passes, and my Elephant Words deadlines get sooner each week. I thought I’d post links to my efforts thus far, so you can have a peruse at your leisure.

The idea of Elephant Words is simple: each week, an image is posted. Writers then take it in turns to respond, with a story, a reflection, a poem, a joke. It’s a round-robin, so everyone gets to post an image and you move up through the week each time (hence, the deadlines really are getting sooner….).

Little Bird

Abandoned-House-b-1This image put me in mind of war. A burned out house set me off on an American Civil War path, until I noticed the contrails across the evening sky. That brought me into the 20th century and the war in the former Yugoslavia. From there, it was a case of wondering who had lived in the house and whether, perhaps, she still did. Click to read Little Bird.

Carter and the Blue Cow

Carter and the Blue CowNext up was this little gem. It took me longer than I thought to craft a story around this. My first instinct was to bring the cow to life as some sort of judgmental vegetarian alien: an object lesson that first instincts are not always right. I ended up with something more literal, inspired in part by the feedback loops which the connected world creates for us, as well as by a large colourful cow outside a front door. Click to read Carter and the Blue Cow.

And So We Carve

And So We CarveYou might need to zoom into this one to see her, but in amongst the pumpkin patch, there’s a little girl. This time, all the stories that popped into my brain were very literal – or related to a long-ago real-life trip to a pumpkin farm in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. (There were pumpkins. We went home. Short story.) A bit of dreaming later and reality was banished… you can read what follows by clicking And So We Carve.

Next week’s image gets posted on Sunday and I’m up on Monday…. I’ll tweet the latest tale and post a link up here too. If you’re on the Elephant Words site, have a dig around – there are some fab writers on there who’d love your eyes upon them 🙂

Happy flashing!


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