A big elephant and a little bird

Thank to the lovely Nick Papaconstantinou, I am taking part in Elephant Words, an online writing challenge.

Each week, a writer posts an image on the Elephant Words site. Other writers then respond to it, through stories, recollections, poems, comics, whatever takes their fancy.

This was my first week, and I had the luxury of five days to think. Next week, it’s down to four. In a few weeks’ time, there’ll be a short breath between the image being posted and my story in response. The deadlines are heaven-sent as they’re making me put deadlines on other work that I’m doing (yes, that novel will be edited before ThoughtBubble).

This week’s image was tAbandoned-House-b-1he photograph shown here. You can see it in larger format at http://elephantwords.co.uk/category/elephant-pictures/

And here’s my response: http://elephantwords.co.uk/2013/10/10/little-bird/

I hope you like it!

*All image credits to the people who own the images, as listed on the original sites.


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