Give me a Pro; give me a -crast; give me an -ination!

And what have you got?


I’ve been variously distracted today by emptying the kitchen bin, making coffee, looking at my work email, reading the Guardian website (twice) and flicking through an Armando Iannucci book. All of which have been very entertaining (well, maybe not the kitchen bin)…

So in a fit of writerly guilt, I decided to do some writerly things to break the pattern and shake myself out of my distracted fug.

I started by coming up with a story concept based on an external stimulus. That external stimulus was Elvis: The Movie (1979 featuring Kurt Russell as the King). Gave me a great idea for a story and took up two hours of my day because it turned out to be quite a compelling film.


Next up: idea generation brainstorm. The challenge: 20 story ideas in 30 minutes. No judgement. No discussion. Just ideas out of brain and onto page. They made it! Unfortunately one of them was about a snooker player. And there’s championship snooker on TV. I’m calling it research…

Last but not least: writing a list.

I’ve written myself a list of writing commitments: three competitions that I will enter with new material in May; three works-in-progress that I’ll finish in May (one story and two short comics); and a research goal for the Next Great Novel for May.

May’s going to be busy. Very busy.

In preparation, and as it’s still April, I figured it would be OK at this point to give myself the day off.

The sun is shining, after all….


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