Crossover Mash-Up Hybrid Superhero Project

Here it is: the crossover mash-up hybrid superhero project you’ve all been waiting for. A confluence of stuff means that today, 1 March 2012, is World Book Day, St David’s Day and Creator Owned Day (inspired by comic book artist Stephen Downey). In honour of all of these, I’d like you to meet three brand new members of the superhero pantheon:

Axe Libris

Axe is powerful, strong and female. She hails from Amazonia: a planet which contains every piece of information ever created but no gravity. Her hair is like the pages of a book; when she changes mood, her hair ruffles and she ‘becomes’ a different book. She only speaks in literary quotes.
Strengths: Holds within her mind the combined knowledge of every book ever written. Carries an axe which can cut through anything, especially bullshit.   Super-speed-vision for static objects.
Weaknesses: Can’t process complex visual scenes / fast moving images. Has an obsessive sense of order. Has to return to Library Ship every three weeks for renewal.

Saint Dai Hard

Saint Dai is powered by the forces of Welshness. He wears a monastic robe and a rugby helmet, and is stripped of all other possessions and ornament so that he can channel his mental strength to the miracles that we demand of him.
Strengths: His Shield of Song can defend him from attack. His tackle will weaken any enemy for a few precious seconds (ahem). He has an air force of heavily armed doves which he can deploy in battle.
Weaknesses: Vegetarian, so cannot fight for as long as meat eaters. Gets distracted by yellow things. Must stop to pray to the Welsh deity ChurlliBassi every few hours.

Komi Kri Aytaw 

Komi spent his younger years desperate to join the Legions of the Bigtoo, but has come to relish his independence. He is part of the secretive Kri Aytaw Family but usually works alone.
Strengths: Can call upon the Family for support in any battle. Has a broad array of weapons including his Stabbing Pencil, Suffocating Brush and Poisonous Tablet.  Often underestimated. Skills enhanced with addition of ale or mead.
Weaknesses: Skills diminish with too much ale or mead. Overly fond of ale and mead. Limited treasure pile.

There you go. Make of them what you will. Draw them if you can. Write their stories. I hereby donate them all to the world (which I guess is against the spirit of Creator Owned Day, but what the hey!).


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