Me? Competitive?

It’s been a day of entering competitions today. Story competitions, not just random quizzes. Though it’s tempting to have a go at some of those too as part of Procrastinate 2012 (a jamboree of excuses and distractions). Anyway, the odd thing about entering a story competition is that I can tell you I’ve entered the thing, but I can’t share with you the stories that I’ve written. You have to wait, either until I’ve been rejected (in which case the stories will pop up here) or until I’ve been victorious (in which case you can queue up to kiss my shoes).

I can write you a list thought! Today I’ve entered:

Nice sense of satisfaction at sending them out into the world to see if they thrive. Pollinating, maybe.

Now to turn to some unfinished pieces that need a bit of attention….



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