My second favourite thing from ThoughtBubble

My second favourite thing from ThoughtBubble: a most marvellous and very definitely unique sketch from the mighty Graham Pearce.

He doesn’t do sketches, he says. I suggested that the worst type of convention-goer would be one who asked for something preposterous, for example Sgt Mike Battle riding a unicorn and fighting Mussolini and his heavily-armoured rhinoceros. Lo and behold, several hours later, I was presented with this slice of fried gold.

Sgt Mike Battle: riding a unicorn whilst fighting Mussolini and his heavily armoured rhinoceros. Obviously.

So, Graham Pearce does do sketches.

And everyone should thank him by purchasing as many copies of Sgt Mike Battle as they can carry. You can get them at or on the magical world of Facebook at

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my favourite thing was about ThoughtBubble: it was getting the chance to give the lovely Graham a hug to say Thank You <blush>…


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